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appilication plain and simple

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appilication plain and simple

Postaj by Vicious Elena on ned stu 04, 2012 1:47 pm


Full name:Elena Gilbert
Date of birth : 15 .February 1992

About her:[/center]

Elena Gilbert is the heroine, the protagonist and the main female character of The Vampire Diaries. She is an 18 year old vampire who was recently turned with Damon's blood. She lives in the supernatural town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, with her adoptive brother and biological cousin Jeremy at 2104 Maple Street. She is best friends with Caroline Forbes and Bonnie Bennett. Elena has an on-and-off romantic relationship with Stefan Salvatore, a 165 year old vampire until losing him when he gave himself over to Klaus in exchange for the cure to a werewolf bite, hybrid blood, to save Damon Salvatore, his brother.

[center]Personality type:Protective, responsible and grounded.

Physical Appearance:

Elena is a very beautiful young woman with an oval face, light olive complexion, almond-shaped brown eyes which are sometimes mistaken as doe-eyes, and smooth, long, straight dark brown hair. However, in the novels, she is described as having light blonde hair and lapis lazuli blue eyes. Her height is about 5'5" to 5'6" and she has a slim, slightly athletic physique. Elena has an uncanny physical resemblance to her ancestor and her doppelganger, Katherine Pierce, who often poses as Elena in order to trick others, mainly Stefan and Damon. However, even though Elena and Katherine look exactly the same in terms of physical appearance as a result of being Petrova doppelgängers, there are some slight differences between the two girls in terms of fashion and style, and especially personality. Elena physically resembles the original Petrova Doppelganger, Tatia, who is Katherine's doppelgänger.

In terms of fashion sense, Elena is much more casual, sporty and "girl next door" and doesn't wear a lot of make-up or favor fashionable clothing (unless attending a formal event). Elena favors wearing dark blue jeans with T-shirts of various colors and Converse sneakers. Elena primarily wears fashionable clothing or dresses up for special occasions or formal events. Katherine's fashion sense or style, on the other hand, is much more high maintenance, expensive and trendy. Katherine favors wearing tighter clothing, both shirts and pants (mostly in the color black), and often wears high heels (mostly spike heels). Another distinct difference between Elena and Katherine's physical appearance is that Elena always wears her hair flat and straight, which Katherine does not like, while Katherine wears her hair curly. However, Katherine often straightens her hair in order to fool people when she's posing as Elena. Elena wore a special necklace containing the herb vervain in it as a human, which is really the Original witch Esther's talisman which cannot be destroyed; it was given to her by her love interest, Stefan Salvatore. It protects her from vampire compulsion. Elena also has a scar on the left side of her neck from when Rebekah and Stefan bit her. Now that Elena is a newly turned vampire, Elena is currently wearing a small lapis lazuli daylight ring, made by Bonnie and given to her by Stefan, in order to protect her from the sunlight. Elena’s appetite isn’t the only thing changing now that she’s a vampire. Her wardrobe is going through a transition too. Elena will have a slightly more sophisticated look and will be trading in her usual jeans-and-T-shirt ensembles for more dresses and boots on season 4 of the supernatural series. And since Elena now has the freedom to accessorize, she’ll be dipping into her jewelry box more often. We’ll be seeing Elena in more chain necklaces this season

Positive relations:[/center]

Let's see, what do I want in a friend?.... Well I've got nothing against being friends with anybody that is and that's not a vampire as long as they don't get on my bad side. My friends should be people that don't mind hanging out with a vampiric bitch or don't know that I'm a vampire. My friends should also be loyal or they'll regret ever meeting me. I also look for trust and honesty because I'll give it back to you.

[center]Romantic relations:[/center]

As for the lovers in my life they must not be somebody stupid because I'd feel too smart for them. Basically, just don't be an idiot, have good looks, somewhat decent personality, and I'll probably consider going out with you. Just in consideration though. If you're lucky though I might consider you for a one night stand or even the occasional hookup. So feel free to hit me up creatures.

[center]Negative relations:[/center]

What I look for in an enemy or a future enemy is mainly your looks, personality, and smarts. If you're smarter than me I'll probably be a little hostile towards you. If you're a total and complete sweetheart I'll probably be even more hostile towards you. Also, if you're not a friend of mine then you're either a lover, family, or something else that isn't important. If you cross me, I'll bite. So either be my enemy or leave me the hell alone.[center][center]

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