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Poątovanje, da bi se mogao/la registrirati, moraą se slagati s uvjetima pod kojima radi/funkcionira ovaj forum, a koji su navedeni u tekstu ispod.

Svi postovi [poruke] na ovom forumu izraľavaju miąljenja/stavove/poglede autora/ica tih postova; sukladno čemu administratori/ce, moderatori/ce i ostale osobe koje sudjeluju u odrľavanju ovog foruma [u daljnjem tekstu: Admini/ce] ne mogu i neće odgovarati za sadrľaj tih postova [naravno, osim vlastitih].

Admini/ce će u najkraćem mogućem roku izbrisati postove uvredljivog/nepoćudnog/nedopuątenog sadrľaja, no, treba imati na umu da je gotovo nemoguće pogledati svaki post ąto će reći da postoji mogućnost da neki od postova takvog sadrľaja ne bude izbrisan [stoga se ne ustručavaj obavijestiti Admine/ice o postojanju istog/ih].

Postanje uvredljivih, bestidnih, vulgarnih, klevetničkih, punih mrľnje, prijetećih, seksualno orijentiranih sadrľaja kao i bilo kojih drugih sadrľaja koji krąe zakon(e) nije dozvoljeno. Činjenje nedozvoljenog uzrokuje trenutno i trajno isključivanje osobe [činitelja/ice] s ovog foruma kao i obavijest provideru osobe [činitelja/ice] o učinjenom. Admini/ce imaju pravo, u bilo koje doba, izbrisati/urediti/premjestiti/zatvoriti teme/postove s nedozvoljenim sadrľajem.

Svi podatci, upisani prilikom Registracije, upisuju se u bazu podataka. Niti jedan podatak ne smije i neće biti dan na uvid ikojoj osobi [osim tebi, Admina/ica i onih-ako/ąto/kako podlijeľe zakonu]. Admini/ce ne mogu i neće biti odgovorni/e ukoliko uslijed hakerskog napada dođe do uvida u/otkrivanja podataka.

Forum koristi tzv. cookies [kolačiće] za spremanje podataka na računalo kojim pregledavaą sadrľaj foruma. Kolačići ne sadrľe nikakve osobne podatke i sluľe samo i isključivo za bolji rad foruma. Tvoja e-mail adresa sluľi samo za Registraciju, te obavijesti vezane uz tvoj korisnički račun.

Klikom na "Slaľem se..." potvrđujeą da se slaľeą sa svim gore navedenim kao i da ćeą se istog pridrľavati.
RULES Please read the rules and follow them or after 3 strikes you WILL be banned from the site!! Joining Do NOT join as a character. Joining as a character gets you deleted right away. After you join you need to be approved. You will NOT be approved until one of the moderators receives and reads your completed Application Form. Application Form Every field in the Application Form must be completed. You will not be approved if there will be empty fields. The Application Form can be found on this page. Send it to one of the moderators/administrators using a private message for the effect. Do NOT send it to Damon or Katherine. It is not their job to review your applications. If you want to apply for a Canon character you must do your homework on its background, personality, way of talking, way of acting. We will not accept anyone playing a canon and not respecting their character. Because everyone wants to be either a vampire or a hybrid and we end up lacking humans and wolves, the species your character can apply for are: human, witch/warlock, untriggered werewolf or werewolf. Some humans will be turned into vampires and some wolves will be turned by Klaus. This way we will have more humans for drama and torture and some wolves for the full moon. Regarding faceclaim for original/made-up characters, DO NOT use emo looking kids or Disney Channel wanna-be stars because underaged twilight beauties are not exactly what we’re doing here. Since all the TVD characters are seriously over the high-school age so must your faceclaim be. If you want your character to be a high-schooler then use a star that is in their 20’s. Roleplaying We stopped following the show's plot at the end of season two. We demand paragraph roleplay. There is no word limit. Character’s actions should be described in 3rd person and only dialog will be in 1st person and between quotation marks. Once approved, please read about your character(if canon) and about your species on the tvd wiki. Read the Trivia and the Abilities and Weaknesses part please. It’s important to know what happens to your character in RP and what other characters can do to you. Stay in character. Do NOT mix RL drama with RP drama. I don’t want to see Isobel going after Elena because OOC Elena stole Isobel’s OOC bf. If their characters were friends they will stick to friends until something happens in RP. Anyone caught mixing RP drama with RL will be getting a strike and will be suspended until further notice. We would like to warn you that our site is host of graphic sex and violence in roleplay. We don’t jump and hug everyone we see. People WILL fear Klaus and the originals, vampires WILL fear wolves in their wolf form during the full moon days. If someone says they stabbed you, you WILL RP accordingly in reaction to it, if they knocked you out, you WILL RP accordingly. (ex. Katherine fell to the ground as he snapped her neck. Her body stood there unconious etc. – more detail can be added) We want to stay true to the theme so we will RP accordingly. If someone kills your character, because of our plot, no one remains dead. Ask one of your character’s friends if you were alone when you got killed, to rp finding you and taking your body to Zack(Bonnie) to resurrect you. Characters that have died in the TV show will RP coming back to life. Remember! Characters like Tatia who died before the era, will stay true to the theme and RP confusion regarding everything specific to the era. ALL CHARACTERS that were brought back to life by Zack, ones that died via RP and ones died in TV-series can be controlled by Zack(Bonnie’s possesser) whenever he wants to do it so if you fit in this category play accordingly. Every character that joins apart from the ones already married in the show(Lockwoods) are SINGLE and will aquire a lover through roleplay. We don’t necessarily follow the couples in the show so we have no problem with Stefan dating Vicki or Jenna. We also support gay relationship BUT still keep it TVD I mean I don’t want to see a gay Damon, Klaus, Stefan or Tyler. Keep it to the actual personality of the characters. Don’t be too absurd. Just because you as a person know what a character is thinking or what a character has done, doesn’t mean your character knows it too so play accordingly. Just because it says on a person’s profile that they are a witch or a hybrid it doesn’t mean you know it. You’ll find out through RP only! Protection spells or protection objects will act like Alaric’s ring: will not make you vulnerable to pain, but you will come back to life without the help of Zack. You will only have one of those if one of the witches gives you one. We don’t support God Mode. Everyone can get hurt. And everyone fears someone so I don’t want to see characters that act cool in face of Klaus or Zack or wolf-formed-werewolves. Sure they can strike back, but they can’t say they’re not scared. Just because you know your character comes back to life, your character doesn’t know it. Especially if you’re new in town, new to the plot, new to Zack and no one told your character that. Compulsion can be used and abused. Meaning it can be used not only to make someone forget about vampire bites, but also to break couples apart, friends turn on each other, etc. No matter the reason: may it be a love motive, fun or simple manipulation. It has to last at least a week and only after that can they start remembering, witches can cast spells to fight it and people's feelings can cause the compulsion to fade (Like Stefan did, remember? Choosing Elena over Klaus's compulsion and all that?). No one can escape compulsion, not vampires, not witches, not humans, not hybrids, not wolves. Remember: a WEEK. a). Humans Humans have no superpowers. I will mention this because well apparently for some this is not that obvious. Do not ask people to turn you. You will be turned if someone feels like it. We will not have kids running around. This is not Twilight or anything of sort so we will not have children or adoption centers. People that want to dramatize remaining pregnant will RP having an abortion afterwards. Vampires cannot leave a human pregnant so if your character as a human gets raped by a vampire or has sex with a vampire, they will NOT become pregnant so don’t bother. b). Witches and Warlocks They are the only ones with the magic. They can create any kinds of spells, they can make protection spells or objects for certain people. Magic also weakens them if overused or if it is a strong one so play accordingly. Remember please that certain vampires can escape from your head pain spells especially if you’re a new one. The older ones: Katherine, the Originals. c). Vampires They are immortal, have super-speed, super-strength, compulsion, accelerated healing powers and here stop their powers. The only vampire with superpower is Sage and the originals. Also remember that the older the vampire the stronger. Only originals can compel vampires and hybrids. Vampires cannot procreate so spear us the vampire chick pregnant crap. Vampires cannot walk in the sun unless a witch or warlock makes them a lapis-lazuli ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace. So fresh vampires, beware! d). Werewolves Wolves cannot turn whenever they want. On the dashboard there is a calendar sheet that has circled the days of full moon. During those days of the month ALL werewolf characters that have the curse triggered MUST rp ONLY in wolf form. Continue your unfinished roleplays if you want to continue them, with your character turning into a wolf. In wolf form werewolves will lose notion of who is a friend and who is an enemy. Every person they meet is dinner. They will NOT follow a certain person for vengeance, they will attack the first person they meet. The only wolf with conscience in wolf form is Jules. Also the ONLY wolf that can smell vampires or wolves is Jules. e). Hybrids We will not accept people joining as hybrids. Klaus will turn whoever he wants into a hybrid. Random turning. We want this as real as possible. Hybrids can turn whenever they want not only during full moon. They have strength, feed on blood like vampires, speed, but do not burn in the sun. They will be sired to Klaus in the beginning. If they want to get rid of that, they will have to turn just like Tyler. Site Do not disrespect the site or the staff. Insulting the staff will get you off the site right away. Multiple accounts will get you kicked off the site. So don’t you DARE be as pathetic and disrespectful. Build your own site if you want to be more characters at the same time. If you want to share pics of yourself and stuff in the Behind the Role don’t give us bullshit pictures taken from the internet with cute girls just to get compliments. Follow the rules of posting there. Do not disrespect the site by advertising other RP sites on the dashboard. If you wanted to advertise go to Places, Out of character section, Advertising rubric and read the short posting rules and post. Posting without using the form in those rules will get your post deleted. Activity on the site means roleplaying. Coming online and adding some people as friends or RVSP-ing to an event does not count as being active on the site. If you are busy and can’t be on much for a RP in forum then stick to classic one-on-one profile roleplay. But since you will be on and off YOU start it on someone’s profile. If you are off for more than 2 weeks, make a new topic in the Away rubric. Follow the posting rules there!!! Thank you for joining!