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Plot about mysterious town

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Plot about mysterious town

Postaj by Vicious Elena on sub stu 03, 2012 8:56 pm

The small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia has been dealing with some odd occurrences lately. Strange animal attacks, new people moving to town and rumors of supernatural things going on. Most think these supernatural rumors are just nonsense made up by kids as Halloween grows closer. The rumors aren't nonsense though. Some strange beings are returning to Mystic Falls. Vampires have been hiding in the shadows for years. There are a few untouched by sunlight though. The Salvatore brother's for instance. Young, handsome and oh so charming. Who would suspect that they were close to two hundred years old? With the vampires returning to Mystic Falls, nature will be calling for balance and no doubt we'll be seeing more werewolves popping up as well. Oh! Don't forget the witches. Witch bloodlines are hard to find. Who would have known there was one still alive in Mystic Falls. Whoever, or whatever you are, I'm sure you can agree that Mystic Falls is about to see some very strange things.
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