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Mystic fall's

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Mystic fall's

Postaj by Vicious Elena on uto sij 01, 2013 8:02 pm

Back in the past

The royalty of this century was in the season of the parties. There was a masquerade ball. All the peoples and kings and queens, princesses and princes come into the town. Well some of them was supernatural. In the fire of the ball hunters break into the castle and start shooting. People thought that they shoot whatever they want but, they do this only on special humans. Or I must say vampires. They shot Niklaus, but he didn’t die. Katerina Petrova was runing and a stake was driven in her stomach. She started to lose blood, but Nikalus feed her with his blood. That doesn’t help and this his reaction, give us the start of our story.


In the city, were born a child, with beautiful brown hair. She had a brown yes, lips like blood and sin like snow. She grew up and turn eighteen. She was living with her brother ans sister. But a few years ago.. like 3-4 years, she find out about the vampires. Jeremy Gilbert, understand Elena… that she can’t handle someone hurts and he leaves the town. But Ashley - the last Gilbert’s child stay. Elena give her a necklace with vervain, to protect her from compultion. Niklaus came to town with the target to find Katerina and apologize her. Everybody think that he’s bad boy and must die. After the first time he to be killed they happened to be enemies. He unstabbed his family, and all of them fight with the Salvatore brothers and the others.
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