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This is how it look

Postaj by Vicious Elena on pet stu 30, 2012 12:57 pm

A lot has changed in Mystic Falls since Stefan and Damon returned to stake their claim in the Salvatore boarding house along with winning the heart of the innocent Elena Gilbert. This story takes place after Klaus' arrival and transformation from vampire to hybrid and highlights the fate of the doppelganger—her blood being the missing link to fully transform the out of control original's army of hybrids. Tyler Lockwood was the first to join Klaus, possessing an irritating sire-bond that inhibits his ability to remain akin to his high school friends and now is joined by many others, thanks to Elena's blood.

Damon finally got his kiss. A ray of light in the darkest of times, even if they both know it isn't the right time for them. In their quest to find Stefan and earn his humanity back, Damon and Elena have bonded, but their feelings have to be put aside until they find out Stefan's motives. The lines between the trio have definitely been blurred, but Ms. Gilbert is still clinging on to the hope that her boyfriend will come back to her, that deep down he's still the guy she fell in love with and not some blood-hungry serial killer.

Stefan has broken his loyalty to Klaus, though he is struggling to keep his sanity in the balance. Being held as a vampire-puppet has left him vengeful, and so he has stolen the eldest vampire's precious family tombs and hidden them in the old Bennet house. Their presence is masked by the spirits to those that wish to threaten the tombs, however the clever ploy was ruined when a deal was struck and Klaus gained possession of all but one..the sealed one. While Bonnie races against the clock to unravel the mystery behind who remains in the tomb, the rest of the originals have been woken. Though Elijah and Rebekah have grown accustomed to the present times, the others have all been asleep for a very long time and are about to discover what their old world has become. Will the brothers and sisters fall behind their hybrid brother or will they fight against him?

Klaus is the only one who knows the secret behind the locked tomb and is the only one who wishes it to remain as it were: sealed. For a vengeful lover and the predecessor of the Petrova line would be the worst possible addition to the already stewing pot, but will he find it before the others find the key?

It's up to you to write that story .
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