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Character Types

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Character Types

Postaj by Vicious Elena on uto stu 27, 2012 11:47 am


Humans, are the weakest group of people in Mystic Falls. they become ill, injured and can die very easily. As well as this, they are very vulnerable to being turned into a vampire, werewolf or an immortal. It isn't uncommon for a human to posess an ability of some form, but it's can't something insane, such as being able to fly or shoot fire from their eyes. Humans can be friends or even have a relationship with ALL species, even vampires. There is no consquence if a human discovers that the person they are with is a vampie, werewolf, witch or immortal. Humans may be a bit scared at first and in denial, but eventually, they will come around and the relationship will go back to normal.


Vampires are one of the strongest species in Mystic Falls, unless they have a run in with a stake, holy water or vervain. Vervain is a herb or flower that causes vampires to not be able to move or do anything, this is very important if you want to figure out whose a vampire and whose a human. In order for a vampire to become a vampire, an exchange of blood has to happen. The vampire (when it's still human) has to drink the blood of a vampire (thier sire) and the vampire has to drink the humans. Then, the human must die with the blood in it's system. The human, now in transition, as 24 hours to drink human blood in order to complete the transformation. There are three different ways vampries can get thier blood. They can physically kill a human, drink animal blood or steal blood from blood banks. Vampires and werewolves get along perfectly, but some vampire don't get along with witches. The Salvatore Brothers don't get along with the Bennett witches very well. Vampires and humans can co-exsist with each other, as said before, it's okay for a human to know about vampires.


Witches, are very strong, only when they know that they are a witch though. They can still die in any way a human can. Being able to cast spells it a gene that goes through the family. Witchcraft can also be practiced, and not just a gene. There is no consiquence if anyone finds out about a witches abiltiyes, but it can put them at risk at times. If a witch is very old and they do a powerful spell, it can be harmful to that witch. Casting strong and/or powerful spells takes alot out o witches and it can cause them a gret amount of pain. A witch has only one weakness and that is fear. If they are afraid of something, then they can't properly cast a spell or use they powers at all in some cases. As said before, some witches and vampries don't get along at all.


Werewolves are the real werewolves that transform during a full moon and are in their wolf form through the night. They can become werewolves in two different ways. Either, they can be bit by another wolf or were born with the gene. It's very possible to have one parent who has the wolf gene and another without and have a werewolf child and a normal human child. If they are born with this gene, they will start transformation around 17. When they are humans, there is no evidence that they are a werewolf, so they don't put anyone around them in danger during the day or the other nights when they aren't a wolf. If they have been transforming for a long time, they will have better control over themselves and may show a tiny bit of humanity while being a wolf. Also, if they have had help then they will have a bit of control. It is unknown on how to kill a werewolf.


An immortal is exactly how it sounds. It is a human who has been cursed with immortality. It is not a "cursed being" though. An immortal can become an immort by having a spell cast upon them when they were human, or died and came back, but not as a vampire. Vervain, much like vampires, affects an immortal. When they have no vervain in their system, they are able to heal completely and fast, no matter the extent of the injury and are able sort of compell humans, but not as well as vampire can. When they have vervain in their system, their injuries will not heal fast, they will heal completely once all of the vervain is out fo their system. You can kill an immortal being by ce-capitating it. No one can live without their head. It is unknown if an immortal being can become human again, but some immortal beings have found a way to have children. Biological children, with the help of a witch.


A ghost is a deceased character. They can be a human, vampire, werewolf or immortal ghost, as in they could have been that before they died. Ghosts are able to walk through walls and talk to the living and they living-dead. They can haunt someone for various reasons, including:
- The ghost is mad at the person their haunting.
- The ghost knows that one person still needs them
- The ghost isn't ready to leave the earth yet.
As well as this, this is a very good way to get deceased characters still usable and playable on the site.
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